So you wore and loved your bob haircut, but like many women who cut their hair short (except Anna Wintour, of course), you've grown tired of it and want to grow it out. 

Here's how to do it without looking like you're stuck in that in-between phase. We spoke with Antonio Gonzales, a hairstylist at Orlo Salon in NYC, about his best tips for growing out a bob.   

Option 1: Remove the Heavy Corners of the Bob
According to Gonzales, one great way to alter the classic bob is to gently remove the heavy corners of the bob while keeping the length. "This could be done in small increments rather than all at once so the client does not feel like she's sporting a shag. The result is more of a square-shaped cut that should be personalized to suit the individual's facial structure," says Gonzales. 

Biz Kimiz?

Biz Kimiz?
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