This Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair is another look that a lot of women tend to go for. I somehow think of Sonakshi Sinha when I think of this look. She has been styled with soft curls in a lot of her movies. You can also add some hair embellishments to complete the look. After all, there can never be too much bling on your hair.

The simple braid can be worn in so many ways. If you’re a lover of the classic braid, add some flowers or head chains along the braid. You can also do the fishtail or messy braid, which looks equally good. This is a popular look amongst South Indian brides.

Most of the ideas below are from traditional Indian shaadi hairstyles hence they will invariably include a mang tikka and other hair jewelry. We have also included some western concepts that we have seen people in India use. And if you feel uncomfortable wearing them on the actual wedding ceremony you could try them at the dinner reception(Check out some awesome hairstyles for evening gowns) or mehndi day.

Having said that there are lots of options for bridal hairstyles. If you have long hair you can braid it, curl it, do a high bun updo, make a puff hairstyle, poof it, let it loose into princess locks and make a combination of all of the above.

Biz Kimiz?

Biz Kimiz?
Samsun Tamirat