Have you been thinking about the right ways to style a bun with your long hair? South-Asian women, specifically Indian women, are known throughout the world for their thick and dark long locks. Despite the hot climate prevalent in their part of the world, Indian women do not compromise on their hair.

Alongside the various home remedies that stem from Indian culture which help make hair shiny and thick, there are various hairstyles that Indian women use in order to keep their hair manageable. With work, commitments, a busy lifestyle, weddings and extravaganza and the unbearable heat, one of the most convenient and trendy hairstyles to pull off is the bun. Here are 25 of the most elegant and effortless Indian Bun hairstyles for long hair that you must love!

With buns for long hair you can unleash your imagination. Style your locks tousled and disheveled or smooth and sleek. Try waves, curls and poker straight strands in loose knots and edgy buns. Celebrities are ready to share their most flattering and stylish bun updos with you!

Anna Lynne McCord rocks this stunning messy bun that is perfect for naturally curly hair. The style looks cool with its maximum volume, but you still should pin random locks away from your face for a beautiful framing effect. Stray wisps are blown back and held with hairspray for a fun and carefree look.

Biz Kimiz?

Biz Kimiz?
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